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Om has a front-pocket. You could put commuter card, earphone, or name card in it. Other features are superior cleaning function, against from impact, scratches.

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Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-1



《 Introduction 》


Geometry is launched in 2017 summer. It's derivative from Onor’s best seller --cell phone pouch. Its features are superior cleaning function, against from impact, scratches. It's even compatible to most mobiles with different sizes of pouch. (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, hTC, SONY….etc.)




《 Especially for who/whose... 》


※ have several e-wallets and want to use them separately when commuting.


※ like to only take mobile phones and wallet to go out.


※ mobile phone screen often are dirty, oily, residual makeup, or with fingerprints on it, and wish to clean it at any time.


※ wish having a hand or neck strap to prevent their phones from getting lost. Phone pouch can be used for traveling, commuting, and working.


※ like to put their phone in bag and do not want to scratch the screen.





《Multiple functions that satisfy all your needs》


(1) Fall protection for your mobile phone


Each Om cell phone pouch has 7 mm of padding. Numerous tests and user feedbacks have shown that the Om pouch can protect phones from falls at normal hand-held height.

Onor Om Cell Phone Pouch-2




(2) Excellent Cleaning Fabric


The degree of microfiber suede fabric is only 1/250 of hair. It could clean fingerprints, dust and residual makeup without chemicals.

Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-2



Phones can be left on the phone case when not in use. Never worry about the table scratching the screen or camera lens.

Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-3




(3) Zero scratch.


Cell phone pouch has no zipper to scratch mobile. This is a patent opening design. (Utility model patent No. M479640 & M479641 )


Phones are only protected from falling out if the cover is properly closed. However phones may still drop if the case is intentionally swung upside down.

 Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-4




(4) Hand-sewn. Sophisticated Yet Simplistic.


We hire experienced tailors to hand sew each pouch. The entire pouch is finished with French seams, so its looks are simple yet sophisticated!

Onor Om Cell Phone Pouch-6



(5) Front-pocket


The main difference between Om and Ob2 is that Om has a front-pocket. You could commuter card, earphone, or name card in it.

Onor Om Cell Phone Pouch-7



(6) Machine washable.


Just like normal clothes, phone pouch is machine washable. Just avoid using fabric softener/ soft sheet, because this will stuck in microfiber and affect on cleaning function. And DO Not use bleach. After washing, use tape to clean batting and iron mobile pouch, it'll recover to 90% new !



(7) Multiple usages.


Using pouch with a hand or neck strap to prevent phones from getting lost. It's made of the same material of pouch, soft surface and no need to worry about sweat or friction irritate the skin. Remember to buy a strap as accessory.

Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-5




(8) Recyclable Packaging Perfect For Gifting


Onor package includes a bookmark and thank you card which could be written to whom you handsel.

Onor Om Cell Phone Pouch-9




《5 Colors》


Most printing cloth has no cleaning function. However, Onor process printing with higher quality super fiber suede to keep its cleaning function. Onor manufactures Small floral in every summer, until it’s sold out and manufactured in next year.


Onor used the lightest color – breaking dawn for more than two months in usual way, commute to office every day. It still looks clean.


Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-6

Geometry x Golden Pink


Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-7

Geometry x Tranquil Blue


Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-8

Geometry x Lavender Purple


Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-9

Geometry x Cobalt Green



Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-10

Geometry x Light Grey



Onor Geometry cell phone pouch-11

ColorMan color
Thickness (mm)7
Hand tolerance (mm)± 3 mm
ToneOriginal Black
Be used toOn the bag
Place of productionTaiwan


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        出貨及貨物品質很好 能隨時去除油汙及指紋

        希望開口處反摺保護避免滾出的部分 可以在長一點點。



          拿到實品之後很驚艷,觸感相當好,設計配色也很有質感,iPhone X用L+ size很適合(裝MOD犀牛盾也沒問題)



          外觀用途兼具,配色也是我蠻喜歡的黑灰白,以後出門就不用把手機悶在口袋裡了XDD 也不用一直從包包把手機拿出來,就直接從前面拿出手機就好,唯一的困擾就是走路會晃動一直打到肚子XDD




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            Geometry【Light Grey】Om Cleaning-Fiber cell phone pouch|Onor Summer-limited

            Geometry【Light Grey】Om Cleaning-Fiber cell phone pouch|Onor Summer-limited

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